UX/UI Design

5 tips to consider in your User Experience

On websites visual components are becoming more important every day and the growing focus on UX comes as a result of this change. So, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, you need to pay attention to UX best practices. Here are five UX best practices we wanted to share with you. 

1. Increase images and animated graphics & reduce texts

Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. Paying attention to his data it is clear that the majority of the content on your website needs to be visual. Use images and animated graphics. Some of these same graphics can be easily reused on your social media channels. 

But overall, balance is always the correct answer. This is to say that animated graphics are great for your webpages, but you need to balance them with the text on the page. 

2. Huge typography

If we are speaking about a relevant piece of text on your website that needs to attract attention, for example the heading of your product/services page,  the typography needs to be huge. 

You can also use large typography for important phrases in a body of text.

3. Create a consistent brand voice

In today’s world basically everyone and everything is present online. For this reason you need to consider that the communication you are doing on your website will be read, not only by your users and customers, but also by all your internal and external stakeholders. 

So you need to deliver a clear, consistent and smooth brand voice and tone that should be applied homogeneously across all different platforms and devices used by the company. 

4. Voice recognition 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main actors of our century’s digital revolution. Voice recognition systems have been developed by Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google. 

Voice assistance, which allows people to speak with the technology telling it what they are looking for, is already implemented in some websites and voice based searches will become more important every day.

5. UX is subject to constant evolution

Like with many things,for UX there isn’t a one fits all design approach. While it’s possible to define some best practices and general rules, in order to define a specific UX for your website you need to understand your users’ precise requirements and implement customised solutions. You will need to understand your users, who they are, what they are looking for and how they are looking for it. Then you can start implementing some customised UX solutions, monitoring them and changing your strategy according to the data you gather.

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