COMMpla supports the successful dissemination of EOSC-Pillar project results at Final Conference

EOSC-Pillar successfully advances the European Open Science Cloud initiative across five European countries, which ended with a final conference from 25-27 October 2022 in Paris, France.

The event’s organisation was led by Trust-IT Services, which coordinated the dissemination, outreach, and community-building activities of the project, with contributions from all partners. COMMpla, as Trust-IT’s affiliated entity, supported many practical aspects of the event management in terms of video and photo services, as well as the design of the promotional and dissemination materials used at the event, including posters, roll-up banners, booklets, and badges.

Thanks to Trust-IT’s and COMMpla’s experience and enthusiasm, EOSC-Pillar has led collaborative efforts between EOSC regional projects on communications and events. This collaboration has already resulted in several successful outputs.

Among the main achievements of the project that was highlighted at the event was how they analysed the state of the art of national initiatives and compute and data services, resulting in advancing monitoring practices in EOSC.

Another area of work were use cases based on real-life requirements from scientific communities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. Pilots were run to validate the proposed solutions, designed to be transnational and general enough to be extended to other communities with minimal changes.

EOSC-Pillar has taken actions to identify and define business models for open science services. This analysis was presented at the final conference session on Sustainability and Business Models.

Take a look back at the EOSC-Pillar Final Conference, and read the final annual report, reflecting their main contributions to the development and implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

Watch the EOSC-Pillar Final Conference Video

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