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User Experience (UX) introduction: what it is and why you should care about it

User Experience (UX) is a term that is becoming increasingly important and that you have probably heard of already. But what is User Experience? is it just a buzzword or is it something that you should include in your growth strategy?

What is User Experience?

UX is the overall experience that a person has when interacting with your organisation. This includes not only the interaction with your website, web application and mobile app but also all the steps in your sales funnel, such as the newsletter experience, quality of the payment process, ease to access order information, etc.

Every interaction and touchpoint that your prospects have with your organisation is part of your UX, whether you have a dedicated strategy on it or not.

Why is User Experience important?

It is important to have a great product or services, but if your customers struggle to complete the payment workflow, cannot access their order’s shipping information or cannot find the information they are looking for, they are not going to buy from you again and you even risk to get bad word of mouth around your company.

UX is important because it provides a positive experience that turns your prospects into customers and keeps them loyal to your product or services.

Whether you have a strategy or not, your prospects already have a certain UX when they interact with your organisation. Having a clear UX strategy focused on optimising the journey of your users across every touchpoint to maximise the conversion into customers is crucial to increase your profitability.

Creating a positive User Experience, require a deep understanding of your prospects and human behaviour in general. If you prefer to focus on managing your business, you can outsource the design and optimisation of your User Experience to an experienced technical partner.

We can help you optimise UX in your digital products, let’s work together.