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Why we use JIRA for our software development workflow

When working on different projects, it is crucial to keep track of various developments across multiple tasks. This allows an organisation to stay in control of its activities and address emergencies or bottlenecks when necessary. Various tools help organisations to manage their activities. In this article, we are sharing the reasons why we are using JIRA to keep track and manage our tasks.

Increased productivity

Jira is a great tool that helps us to highlight, track, organise, update and prioritise bugs, new features, and improvements for specific activities. Each task is clearly assigned to each person so that all team members know who is doing what. During product development, it is very common to have new requests not accounted for in the sprint planning session. This is why the description and comments sections are very useful to keep track of every update without the risk of losing relevant information and are also a highly effective way to obtain feedback from the people involved in the activity. Also, when tickets are created, every person involved gets an email notification each time the issue is updated to make sure that every person involved is constantly up to date. All these features make JIRA is one of the most reliable bug tracking systems in the world.

Customisable workflow and flexible pricing

Since it is used in different industries for different purposes (issue tracking, project management, support), JIRA has evolved into a feature-rich, highly customisable solution. Any company can customise the system to its business processes, even if they are unique in nature. Issue types, fields, states and workflows have can be changed to suit your needs. From a pricing point of view, JIRA is also available in SaaS, which gives you the ability to choose the pricing model that suits you best. The pricing models are transparent and available online, so you can easily predict the necessary investments as your organisation grows. As your organisation grows in complexity, you can increase JIRA’s functionalities with plugins and add-ons. Companies can also develop special modules in Java and build them into the system thus giving it the additional functionalities they need.

Having a clear software development methodology is crucial to streamline the development workflow.

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