COMMpla Srl (est. 2010), is a software development and digital services company based in Pisa (IT) serving international clients.

COMMpla strongly believes in an industry-academia collaboration, and as software developers, primarily of pragmatic ICT tools for international organisations, especially SMEs, it assembles together a balanced mix, within the team, of academic, human & cultural standings able to steer the complexity of the innovation challenges in ICT today. It provides digital marketing services, market and tech research, branding and promotion, sustainability strategies, and graphics & video production.

Following an "agile" approach, our team best expresses its abilities especially in the following areas:

  • Web presence: design and planning of multilingual web platforms, customised intranet / extranet, e-commerce solutions, Web apps, Progressive Web apps (PWA), hosting and assistance;
  • Digital marketing: design and implementation of digital strategies, marketing campaigns, social media management, SEO, video editing, search for partners and prospects, newsletter and e-mail marketing campaigns, interviews and surveys, copywriting;
  • Custom ICT technical solutions: collaboration platforms, synchronous and asynchronous tools, CRM, ERP tools and integrations;
  • Knowledge Management: LMS MOOC solutions, dynamic maps, multi-stakeholder collaboration solutions, interactive online catalogs of products and services, certification and simulation tools;
  • Graphic & Brand Identity: Design of logos and graphic styles for online projects and for printing, including fonts, colors, graphic themes and visual identity choice.

COMMpla partners with clients in different domains including clients from the following categories, allowing the team to work globally in many more disciplinary areas, including: Energy & Environment, Fashion and Manufacturing, Tourism, Travel & Hospitality, SMEs & Start-Ups, Retailers & Distributors, Research Centres & Other Associations, Training on-line courses for insurance brokers.

COMMpla is officially listed as part of ECMWF’s Procurement Framework contract on Approved list Software of Developers.

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Meet The Team

Silvana Muscella

Founder and CEO

Paolo Lombardi

Business Director

Michele Nannipieri

Financial Director and DPO

Julie Abergas-Arteza

Marketing Analyst

Anna Anicito

Senior Administration Officer

Massimo Berutto

Senior Software Developer

Luigi Colucci

Marketing Analyst

Riccardo Giuntini

Senior Graphic, Web Designer & Developer

Andrea Greco

Graphic, Web Designer & Developer

Kirsty MacDonald

Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist

Nicoletta Luccini

Administration Officer

Emanuel Marzini

Senior Computer Scientist

Patricia Anne Nugent

Senior Analyst