COMMpla supports in the consulting and training sector is an Italian consultancy and training start-up, with a particular focus in the “soft skills” area of the Italian market. helps businesses and organisations tackle the complexity of change in processes through targeted consulting and coaching services. 

For the official launch of its online activities, commissioned COMMpla to develop an effective graphic identity and an institutional site to embody its key values, vision and services. 

First COMMpla interacted with to define the corporate mission and vision to be used as the basis for its graphic identity which evokes the founding values of the company and could be transposed into the digital world, starting from the creation of the logo, payoff and branding. 

Subsequently, COMMpla worked on the graphic and structural development of the institutional website, taking into consideration the tone of voice to be used with the customer on one hand, and developing the specific requests in a fully responsive Wordpress website with a fully optimised user experience from both mobile and desktop devices on the other.

Finally, COMMpla took care of the first SEO optimization carried out during the go-live phase of


The creation of a winning business requires an in-depth knowledge of different business aspects: from the creation of the graphic identity to the development of the website and SEO optimisation. If you prefer to focus on managing your business, you can delegate the elaboration and execution of part of your business strategy to an experienced technical partner.


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