We deliver Multichannel Communication Platforms for online businesses.

COMMpla combines dedicated communication and collaboration services to be implemented to provide a full-service to customers and clients to help deliver more value and drive more engaged users to your site– key to any business success in today’s digital society. The online Customer experience has taken on a whole new dimension and the dynamics and interaction model between users and vendors have changed.

We’re a full-service Software Development, Communication & Digital Marketing & Legal Compliance company.

Whatever the size of the community, COMMpla communication platforms are simple, efficient and effective. The price-to-quality ratio of our services are particularly interesting for small and medium sized companies, offering a quick return on investment.

COMMpla platforms are built and are integrated into a unique, personalized web-based framework with multiple solutions and services. The resulting user experience is a truly effective one and you may enjoy further advantages if you include further functionalities to the platform’s modular structure: this ensures that evolving client business needs and new technologies can easily be incorporated. The final result is the ability to deliver harmonised services through different channels: Internet, mobile (IoS & Android), as well as physical points of sale.

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