COMMpla launches a visual storytelling of Isuzu, from its creation to modern days

As a support to the existing communication and engagement strategy, Trust-IT just launched a brand-new service for the Isuzu community.

Isuzu vehicle owners, enthusiasts and potential new buyers can now trace the history of the world-known Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturing company thanks to a unique section of the website.

The Timeline is a visually appealing, fully responsive section collecting the most important events of over 100 years of Isuzu, spanning from the Company's origin that dates back to the end of the Edo period, vintage vehicles, historical background, to diesel engine technology, fun facts and trivia.

The Timeline has quickly become a regular appointment, with a new article added to the section every Tuesday at 11:00 and promptly shared through all Isuzu social media channels.

Trust-IT is responsible for the layout design and the technical development of the Timeline section, as well as its weekly publishing, and is now working to replicate the Timeline in the remaining 8 European Isuzu websites (France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep., Slovenia and Slovakia), to ensure a coordinated and harmonized brand strategy across Europe