EFAS of ECMWF commissions its MapViewer to COMMpla

COMMpla announced the development of the new MapViewer Web Application of the new web portal of the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS).

EFAS is part of the prestigious European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), and the MapViewer is one of the core tools used by forecasters allowing them to navigate on Geospatial datasets and predict potential floods across Europe and send alert messages to basin authorities. EFAS provides overviews on ongoing and forecasted floods in Europe with up to 10 days advance notice.

Europe has many rivers that cross international borders. Europe’s largest river, the Danube River runs through 10 countries and has sub-basins in 18 countries. Many authorities, such as national warning centres, civil protection and the other aid organisations are potentially involved during a flood event.

As a result, flood risk management becomes a challenging task where flood information and data availability could be inconsistent, and the communication flow between different authorities is inadequate.

The current EFAS system provides its stakeholders twice-daily early probabilistic flood forecasts of the highest quality through a web portal. Its aim is to provide useful, complementary, and shared information on upcoming floods to regional and national hydrological institutes whose responsibility is to communicate flood warning globally.

The Mapviewer

This is made up of an advanced Map Viewer that allows different types of users to analyse geographical data supporting the whole management cycle for floods.

The Map Viewer, allows navigation, provides a set of data tools allowing the user to search across multiple datasets or within a single dataset and compare different datasets, animate the map series etc.

The Web Application contains a section dedicated to displaying the maps (E-MV) that provides live maps to support navigation and user queries. The viewer will be at the heart of the application allowing the user to display data and allow the forecaster on duty to perform the analysis.

The viewer was developed with an eye to address the user needs, hence considerable effort went into the the user interface and user experience and offers a modern User Interface which is fast, interoperable and optimized for both fixed and mobile devices (smartphone / tablet).

Try out the MapViewer now!

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Who is EFAS?

In 2011, EFAS became part of Copernicus, a European system for monitoring the Earth. Copernicus collects data from earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and sea-borne sensors. Copernicus Emergency Management Services (CEMS) is responsible for providing information for emergency response in relation to disasters. Currently, CEMS provides three major services: CEMS-Mapping, the EFAS and the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS).

Who is COMMpla ?

COMMpla is a full-service software development, communication & digital marketing & legal compliance company which combines dedicated communication and collaboration services to be implemented to provide full-service to customers and clients, helping deliver more value and drive more engaged users to your site– key to any business success in today’s digital society.