Almost four and a half centuries ago, a man intended to become the father of the modern science was born in Pisa, at that time part of the duchy of Florence. Nowadays Google says that Galileo is an international airport, Pisa is an autonomous province, the leaning tower still leans. But it also says that 30 years ago the same town was the place where the first internet connection in Italy was set up. What a better place to start our digital challenge?




We at COMMpla try to do a Little something extra for someone everyday. Any company, no matter if big or small, can take the digital challenge and take advantage from it. That's why our small team combines dedicated communication and marketing services with state of the art technologies, to provide a full-service to customers and clients and to help them deliver more value to their business. Have we intrigued you so far?




If the answer is yes, take a look at our bunch of services. No, stop looking around for funny acronyms and prices, you won't find any catalogues here. We like to think that our success stories speak for us, so click here to browse our portfolio. And for those of you who know the value of any money spent, the price-to-quality ratio of our services is particularly interesting for small and medium sized companies, offering a quick return on investment. Ok, so now what?



Ok, Pisa and its Leaning Tower deserve a trip, that's true. But since we are not a travel agency, we became all good travellers to reach you wherever you are (and we use Skype and phone a lot). Even more, we invented the COMMpla approach to customer relations. That's what we call "orchestration": we provide you with a personal director (yes, one physical person there for you) and with different instruments according to the arrangement you want to play (read: your marketing strategy) and to your public; we will engage for you the best musicians and singers, i.e. the best partners for your online visibility strategy. Of course, we will set up rehearsals before the grand début, be it the launch of a new website, a mobile app or the entrance in the ecommerce wonderful world. What you only have to do is to sit down and listen. Have you make yourself comfortable?




Thinking of buying a gift? Realistically whatever you want you can find it online today, 24/7 as well as on holidays (and your customers, too). Our clients challenges are also ours, that's why we do not only provide the software tool but we provide our clients with our complete knowledge-based experience around the art of online sales to compete within any sector, from fashion to jewellery, to food and wine (slurp). We tailor make each ecommerce solution around your identity concept and respecting & understanding your needs which earn the trust, authority & influence in the customers. Still wondering if you, too, can sell online?


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Are you setting up your digital marketing activities without a clear strategy? Ok, have a guess. But Pay-per-click campaigns, advertorials, partnerships, SEO optimisation all need to be coordinated in order to avoid investing lot of effort without meaningful results. We at COMMpla, design and manage complex marketing strategies working closely with our customers who we take pride in listening to. Our activity includes a thorough analysis of the market plan, the target audiences, their geographical location and of the investment forecasts (and budget availability, of course).


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Who knows your story better than you? No one, of course. But who knows how to get your listeners interested in your story? Getting the right communication strategy to champion your products and services is a key ingredient which requires an excellent grasp of the language, impeccable degree of knowledge of the topic at hand, and that little piece of something that only an external (but well experienced) eye can add. At COMMpla we do not limit to written text: communicating through photos, videos and multimedia content, as well as through the organization of events & initiatives, all enrich your web and social presence. Just tell us your story, we will make it a best seller!


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Many of you reading this page already post to Facebook and Twitter accounts, upload videos onto YouTube, manage your likes on Instagram, and maintain a LinkedIn page, we're sure. However, many of you continue to tear their hair out over social media marketing, unsure why you're not seeing more results from all your effort. As with other marketing endeavors, social media marketing success is not dictated by how hard you work at it, but how you work at it in the first place. At COMMPla, we’ve developed a list of Social Media Marketing stories that we use to help our clients create social media marketing campaigns that really work.




All of you know that feeling of zooming in and out, scrolling up and down, left and right, and opening wrong links just because your finger doesn't fit that little tiny button over your smartphone's screen. Being online means being mobile. And being mobile means being responsive. At COMMpla we specialize in web platforms that are responsive and easily accessible from all mobile devices, but we also create mobile applications for any sector or activity for offline content as well as for online services. To make your customers only choose the best sofa where to surf.


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Whether you prefer the pret-à-porter or the Haute couture, the essential is that your clothing suits you perfectly. Through tailor-made digital solutions you will succeed in showcasing your business as you want, pulling down the barriers of all-looking-the-same websites. And what about adding a new tab or button? We will be happy to help you make your online presence evolve and grow together with your customers needs, proposing new graphical layouts or software developments.


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If reading this title you are wondering if data farms are located in a beautiful countryside or how the weather can influence your online presence, that means that you need a trusted partner for the management and maintenance of the data and content that you provide online. We offer a bunch of techy consultants who will suggest you the best and cost-saving hosting solutions for your website, application, e-commerce, CRM system and more.


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