When digital strategy is the cornerstone of communication between doctor and patient

Doctor Barbara Del Bravo is a touchstone in the field of gynaecology in Tuscany (Italy) thanks to her professionalism and experience, as well as for being a passionate innovator. 

In 2013 COMMpla created her first website and contributed to the very first launch of her presence online. This experience helped to increase her visibility towards potential patients and collaborators and allowed us to start a real digital strategy, which was fundamental in order to improve the online outreach and undertake targeted fidelization techniques.

In this new phase, COMMpla partners up with Doctor Del Bravo again. In order to support this growing stage we designed a new digital communication plan, based on the inboud marketing and digital communication techniques, customised on the specific healthcare sector, where advertising and marketing must be carried out carefully and always taking ethics into account.

The core of the strategy consists in defining the target, the employment of selected communication channels -including a strong presence on social media- together with the creation of a profiled database that is key to creating high-quality contents for the patients.

As part of the new digital strategy, we also renovated and optmised the website, improving the user experience and user-friendliness, presenting the significant added value offered by Doctor Barbara Del Bravo to her patients.