ESoWC – Time to deliver innovative open-source solutions related to climate and weather

Everything is set for a new Summer of Weather Code!

The ECMWF Summer of Weather Code (ESoWC) is a collaborative online programme run by ECMWF and supported by Copernicus. ESoWC brings together teams to work on innovative open-source weather-, climate-, and atmosphere-related applications.

The coding phase started 4 May 2020 and during the next five months,  10 developer teams work on innovative ideas related to weather, climate and atmosphere. For the coding period, the teams were able to make use of generous cloud computing resources provided by the Copernicus DIAS (Data and Information Access Service) Service WEkEO and the European Weather Cloud (EWC), implemented by ECMWF and EUMETSAT. When they successfully complete their project, the teams will get a stipend of £5000. During the coding period, each team teams up with experts from ECMWF and Copernicus.

The following projects have been selected for ESoWC’s coding phase:

  • Elefridge.jl

  • DeepGEFF

  • Conversational Virtual Assistant for users of ECMWF online products and services

  • HPC Performance Profiling Tool

  • Air Quality Observation Classification

  • Detect Anomaly in Air Quality Station (DAAQS)

  • Exploring or machine/deep learning techniques to detect and track tropical cyclones

  • Applying AI capabilities to address Operations challenges in ECMWF Products Team

  • Creating Jupyter-based OpenIFS training material

  • UNSEEN-Open

You can find all the project descriptions and team members on the ESoWC website.


ESoWC 2020 finishes with the ‘Final ESoWC Day’, a day-long online event taking place on 16 October 2020. All teams will present their projects and results and will be available for questions. The presentations will be live-streamed and you can register for the Final ESoWC Day here.

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