Introducing the new website for Parocentro, one of the most innovative centres for gum disease in Italy

PAROCENTRO, the first centre in Italy for Conservative Periodontology, is announcing the launch of a new website, perfectly linked to a management app devoted to patients (being released) and fully responsive.

PAROCENTRO is the first and only centre in Italy entirely dedicated to gum disease and a point of reference for patients and their dentists. The centre was the brainchild of Filippo Graziani, Full Professor of the University of Pisa, where he teaches Periodontology on the Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis. Former President of the European Federation of Periodontology, Professor Graziani has dedicated his entire professional life to the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease by revolutionizing the periodontology sector at a European level. Most recently the professor has been helping to draw up European guidelines in the dental field to contain COVID-19 contagion.

Designed for multi-device navigation, from mobile and tablet to desktop, the site is easy to navigate and allows users direct access to the world of Parocentro. It has an approach that provides simplicity in using all areas of the website and, at the same time, it enhances the excellent work of continuing professional development and research carried out by Professor Graziani and his team of professionals.

Content marketing. COMMpla's communication and marketing team has done considerable work in reviewing and drafting all the contents of the website, in collaboration with Professor Graziani and his team. The brand new contents are naturally written from an SEO perspective for correct indexing on search engines and easy identification by patients.
There are many new sections introduced on the site, ranging from a complete and clear presentation of gum disease, to the treatments that are performed in the dental practice, but also the cutting-edge technologies with which the centre has been equipped.

The new website is integrated with all the Parocentro social networks and is updated weekly by the COMMpla communication and marketing team. The contents also contain insights into the world of periodontology and the research areas of Professor Graziani, to whom an entire section is dedicated. Therefore, users and patients can also consult the academic activities, publications and conferences in which the professor participates.

Space for videos. The launch of the site is accompanied by several videos in which Professor Graziani explores multiple themes dedicated to periodontology, at the centre itself,  but also to his "BIOPERIO" approach, which has its own dedicated section.

Innovative homepage. The homepage slider has a particular feature. It presents both an opening video showing the Parocentro team at work and an image. This dual feature, therefore, allows the inclusion of two different types of content into a single visual element. From the homepage, the user can contact the Parocentro reception via Whatsapp and scroll between from one section to another along with the page. In fact, the Parocentro homepage contains some of the main areas of the site and summarizes them in five clear sections: what conservative periodontology is, the effects of periodontitis on the patient's well-being, the correlation between systemic health, chronic diseases and periodontitis, and treatments and the diagnostic phase, which is one of the most important added values of Parocentro.

Avant-garde graphics: the creation of the new website, developed with CMS Drupal 8, is the result of a collaboration between the Parocentro and COMMpla teams that has existed since 2018. COMMpla has designed the User Experience of editorial content and developed the portal. COMMpla has also entirely dealt with the fully-responsive graphic design of the website by using and playing with the colours of the logo, strengthening the brand identity of Parocentro, a result that is full of design features that make the portal attractive and extremely innovative.

Finally, the new app for managing appointments and patient profiles (proprietary technology developed ad hoc), for use by the Parocentro team and downloadable by patients, is currently being released.