Live Webinar ESoWC

We are now in July and the 10 ESoWC 2020 teams are busy working on developing their projects to achieve their first results.

In order to give you a better view and understanding of what the new teams are working on, this year ESoWC is going to organise two webinars that will take place on 22nd and 29th July 2020 (2pm - CEST).  These will be the chance for each team to put their projects and objectives into spotlight.

At the end of each presentation a Q&A session is scheduled to get to know more all the ESoWC 2020 participants and further curiosities on the on-going projects.

You can register to the Webinar from the official webpage on ESoWC website, where you can find more information about the full programme and about each of the teams.

To stay updated on all the ESoWC news, follow the official Twitter channel.