Web Presence: Multilingual web platforms, customised intranets/extranets, ecommerce solutions, web apps, progressive web apps (PWA), hosting & assistance.

Digital Marketing: Design & Implementation of Digital Strategies, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Management, SEO, Video Editing, Partner Search, Newsletter Tools, Surveys & polls, Copywriting.

Tailor-Made ICT Technical Solutions: Collaboration Platforms, synchronous and a-synchronous, CRM, ERP-related Tools & Integration.

Knowledge Management: LMS MOOC solutions, Dynamic Maps, Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Solutions, Online Interactive Products and Services Catalogue, Certification & Simulation Tools.



    Our customers are SMEs & Start-Ups, Retailers & Distributors and Research Centres & Other Associations operating in Energy & Environment, Fashion & Manufacturing, Tourism and Travel.

    We help our customers to steer the complexity of today’s ICT innovation challenges with 360’ solutions tailored on their business needs: Web Information Architecture, Software Development, Technical Development of Websites and Related Systems, Graphic Design, User Experience (UX) Accessibility and Useability Design and Marketing & Web Communication.

    This is what we do, but we like to think that our success stories speak for us.



    Thanks to our team of cross-disciplinary specialists who are passionate about helping organisations grow with digital services and solutions, we are able to support our customers' digital challenges.

    For us each customer journey is a tailor-made concept created closely with them to maximise the conversions that matter the most to their business. We will also engage for you the best partners for your online visibility and set up rehearsals before the launch of your new website, mobile app or ecommerce. 



    Our clients’ challenges are also ours, that's why we provide you with the software tools and our experience around the art of online sales to compete within any sector, from fashion to jewellery, to food and wine (slurp). We tailor make each ecommerce solution around your identity and values to make sure you keep earning the trust of your customers. 


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    At COMMpla, we work closely with our customers to design and manage complex marketing strategies across all channels that get you meaningful results within your target audience and budget.


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    In-Store Communication Solutions >



    At COMMpla we make sure to maximise the engagement of your audience communicating your story through photos, videos, copywriting, as well as through the organisation of events & initiatives, that enrich your web and social presence. Tell us your story and we will make it a best seller!


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    Through tailor-made responsive digital solutions that are easily accessible from all mobile devices, we will help you showcase your digital identity and help you to evolve it together with your customers needs, proposing new graphical layouts or software developments.


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    E-Learning Platform>



    We are your trusted partner for the management and maintenance of the data and content that you provide online. We provide you with tech consultants who will suggest you the best hosting solutions for your website, application, e-commerce, CRM system and more, according to your budget and needs.




    We design simple, intuitive and professional/practical mobile applications, hybrid apps, cross platform and HTML5 web apps (PWA), with a careful design of the user experience and the graphic interface.

    Cross-platform development creates applications where the implementations for different operating systems are brought together with a shared code base between the apps for different mobile platforms.

    For cross platform development we use the most modern and common opensource frameworks, offering a complete solution to create mobile applications with a native look and feel.


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