Periocampus Herald: the first online magazine entirely dedicated to periodontology


There are projects that come to life almost unconsciously, day after day, as a natural evolution of other processes. This is the case of Periocampus Herald, the first online magazine entirely dedicated to periodontology, the result of the evolution of a training course conceived by Filippo Graziani, visionary Professor of periodontology at the University of Pisa and former President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). Periocampus physical courses have involved more than 600 dentists and dental hygienists from Italy, Europe and beyond,while the online community currently exceeds 6,000 followers.

The first issue of Periocampus Herald "The voice of periodontist" was released in April 2020 in the midst of a pandemic that has also forced dentists all over the world to rethink their profession every day. Welcomed with enthusiasm by dental professionals from all over the world, the magazine is now preparing its second issue, still with a free format, both a driver and a channel for all those who are in some way connected to the Periocampus experience.

An online magazine. Just like every magazine born on paper, Periocampus Herald is structured in issues and columns, offered to readers in a vintage branding format. Eight columns were launched on the first issue, including "PERIO FOR THOUGHT", a section featuring well-known names in periodontology with articles of dental interest and the editorial by Filippo Graziani, editorial director of the magazine. Four other columns are more closely dedicated to periodontology - “A young Periodontist's contribution”, ”Exploring Communication”, “Did you know that ...?”, “Changing the patient” - while “Periocampus Journal Club” offers a preview of the academic insights that participants in Periocampus courses receive, and Periocampus Highlights heralds previews of upcoming courses.
Both the columns and the authors might increase and vary over time.

A Drupal 7 platform adapted for editorial cutting. The sections are dynamically organized on the homepage according to editorial topics and needs, with the possibility to define the spaces on the page as any self-respecting editorial committee does, and to publish them easily and promptly. The Drupal 7 CMS has been customized with a structure organized around taxonomies, blocks, content types and views that allow administrators to easily manage content, profiles and authors and upload images and videos - including those dedicated to the sponsors of the initiative - and users to easily and intuitively navigate the homepage layout different for each issue, as well as the menus organized by columns and articles.

Multilingual management. Periocampus Herald is offered in two languages, Italian and English. Thanks to the site structure and the CMS automatisms, multilingualism is managed for all types of content (article, author, editorial, photogallery), the time-related tags (date, mass, issue), the labels of the various sections and the automatic elements linked, for example, to the indication of the authors.

Technological and editorial partnership. COMMpla is the technological partner of the project, responsible for the development of the Drupal platform, and the project designer in charge of all the graphic design contained therein. It is also an editorial partner, with Sara Pittonet Gaiairin, Senior Project Manager at COMMpla appointed director of the magazine.