Anra: the Risk Manager's web plaform

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Anra, the Association of Risk Managers and Company Insurance Officers, promotes the exchange of knowledge among its members and delivers information on the management of business risks, insurance policies , definition and management of insurance contracts , contributing to the advancement and dissemination of technical risk management and insurance contracts. In this regard Anra organizes training and professional training, working with industry associations, both Italian and foreign, Insurance Institutes, organisations, universities, public authorities competent appraisers and brokers.

COMMpla developed for Anra's communication, information and training platform,, through which the association promotes the professional growth of Risk Managers. In the platform members can find legal references, news, courses and dedicated events. Through the integrated Newsletter Anra informs members about all the news and activities related to the associazione and this industry sector.

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Client details Type: Web-Platform
Client: Anra

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