Saint Gobain: Increasing Pageviews with SEO

Saint Gobain is one of the top 100 glass manufacturers in the world. It was founded in France in 1665, since 1889 Saint Gobain has been working in Italy, initially with a factory in Pisa and today with 24 manufacturing sites all over Italy.

COMMpla S.r.l brings its expertise to Saint Gobain, providing a full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)ngine ngine  service: Audit, Strategy and implementation on all the company website, identifying the parts to improve and the content to be created in order to be more visible on the search engine. 

The following optimisation services are provided:

●    SEO-On Page: Monthly analysis with content, image and html optimisation;
●    SEO-Copywriting: Drafting content to improve organic positioning of the website by inserting specific sector keywords;
●    Marketing, Link Building: Links with external relevant websites for ranking improvements, monitored weekly;
●    Guest blogging: Spreading the word of such an authoritative company to medium- and big-sized commercial partners of their own through ad-hoc content pieces;
●    Pay per click campaigns: Analysis of specific sector web searches, creation of ad campaigns characterised by an effective call-to-action;
●    Monitoring and evaluations: Monitoring of Google Analytics to track the performance of all inbound marketing activities activated and set-up of an advanced analysis of the data that allows the preparation of corrective and improvement actions

A full SEO strategy has been set up, improving Saint Gobain’s website ranking and so the amount of online traffic on the website. The SEO website optimization is supported by a specific content strategy created and planned by a team of SEO specialists from Commpla, specifically assigned to work on Saint Gobain. Indeed the benefit of a specialised communication approach are evident from the general increase in the website views, at the beginning of January 2020 the total number of page views was 186, at June 2020 they were 257, with an increase of 71 more pages viewed daily.