Social Media: A few tips

Using Social Media Platforms makes it very easy to understand and communicate with your target audience.
The potential is endless, but how do you enlarge your customer base or keep your followers engaged?
Here are a few tips.

Choose the right audience

To achieve your goals, it is crucial to target the right audience. Having a clear idea of the interests and behaviourof your potential customers is the first step towards guaranteeing that you will be interacting with the right people.
Understanding the behaviour and the interests of your target audience will also be useful to prepare relevant marketing messages aimed at increasing sales and get new customers.

What are your competitors doing?

When you create your social media strategy, it is very important to take inspiration from your competitors’ activities.
From their communication style you can take numerous cues to understand what to do, what mistakes to avoid and even get new ideas on how to differentiate your style and make it unique.

Use different formats

Unfortunately, the content you produce is not everything, because the way we communicate is as important as the message itself.
Social Media Platforms are a very dynamic place,  so if you want to keep your audience’s interest high, it is crucial to vary the content and format of your message.
Images, videos, quizzes, interviews, live live interviews, user-generated content: the key is to be creative.
If you want to get significant results, it is not enough to simply post content in various formats, it is important that your content has a professional quality in order to give your customers the right impression about you.

New Social MediaPlatform, New Guidelines

Each Social Media Platform has its own characteristics, a different algorithm that regulates what content content is shown to the users and a different way of users interacting with each other and the platform.
If you want to maximise the results of your social media strategy, it is crucial that you understand how each platform works and their characteristics in order to evaluate whether you are using the right one and if you are using it correctly.
The various platforms are used by users of different ages, at different times during the day, creating different content format and with different engagement expectations.


Managing Social Media Platforms accounts requires time and technical knowledge, but with the proper effort, you can get incredible results.
Of course, time is always short, and if you need to concentrate on actually managing your company, rather than your social media accounts, be sure to choose a commercial partner that will support you along the way and suggest the most appropriate strategy to achieve your goals.