Social Media Networks: Which one should you choose?


When planning your Social Media Strategy, a fundamental step is to choose the Social Networks you will use.
It might seem to make sense to create an account on each platform to reach more people. Unfortunately, this is wrong reasoning, since Social Networks are not all the same.
Depending on the sector in which your company operates, it makes sense to choose only specific ones.

Why? Here are 3 good reasons:
•    Commitment: To obtain results, Social profiles must be continuously updated, so it is essential to set priorities.
•    Distraction: There are many social networks, so if you try to follow them all, you will end up spending all your time behind these channels instead of concentrating on managing your company.
•    Focus: If your potential customers are primarily on a platform, it makes sense to focus primarily on that, rather than wasting energy and resources on platforms that your potential customers are not using that much.
As a commercial partner of various companies, we know the various Social Networks and their characteristics well. Here is an example:


Facebook is a social network suitable for both B2B and B2C companies, since it allows you to reach people with the characteristics and interests indicated in the advertising campaign settings that you created with great precision. It is the perfect Social Network to talk about what working at your company looks like through different formats that make users understand the values of your brand: posts, articles, images and videos.


Instagram is a Social Network mainly suitable for B2C companies where it is possible to post only images and videos. It is perfect if your company offers products or services that are easy to showcase through images or videos: fashion, tourism, catering, design, etc..


LinkedIn is a Social Network mainly used by professionals, so it is very suitable for B2B companies. The formats that work best are articles, infographics or videos related to your sector or your company.


Twitter is a social network suitable for both B2B and B2C companies. To make the most out of Twitter, you should spend a lot of time interacting with other brands and users. The relevance of the content over time is very short, so choose this Social Network only if you have a lot of content to post.


Youtube is based on videos and is a social network suitable for both B2B and B2C companies. Some of the most popular types of content that you can share are tutorials on how to use your product or service, tutorials on the potential of your product or service, reviews of your product or service or discussions on relevant topics in your sector. If you choose this channel, be sure to create and post videos relevant to your target audience, but that are created with professional quality.


Not all the Social Networks are suitable for your company. If you want to achieve tangible results, be sure to make the right choice.
If you prefer to concentrate on managing your company, you can always leave the management of your Social Media presence to an expert partner that will support you along the way and help you achieve the desired results.