TRUST-FORUM+: Working groups to enable innovation and research


TRUST-FORUM+™, the platform dedicated to the management of working groups, debates and fora, currently supporting international research and innovation projects, is the third Trust-IT Services product to obtain the Certificate of Registration for the European Union trade mark this August 2021. Trust-IT Services and COMMpla have consolidated experience in carrying out web applications and software development services that facilitate organisations' activities and pan-European research and innovation projects in a wide range of domains that encompass our society's priorities. With over 60 EU-funded projects successfully completed in the past 15 years, we have never stopped learning about users' communities and strive for growth and constant improvement in stakeholder engagement. For this reason, we have developed one more web-based product that adds to our range and is specifically dedicated to fostering collaboration and stakeholder engagement.


TRUST-FORUM+™: the features

TRUST-FORUM+™ is a discussion forum, intuitive and easy-to-use thanks to a detailed User Experience (UX) analysis and to its embedded functionalities that can be replicated and tailored to the user needs, and rolled out in many community-driven projects, such as research communities, industrial groups or ordinary citizens. Users can contribute and interact in various ways: by opening a discussion, commenting, liking or disliking and filling in questionnaires, while experience badges help evaluate the level of experience and the role of the user within a discussion group, promoting an open and honest discussion centred around quality information.


Does your organisation, project or research institute have a group of experts working together to solve ambitious challenges? If you prefer to focus on advancing your research, you can delegate to us the implementation, management and customisation of the TRUST-FORUM +™ as a platform for the collaboration of your working groups.


Feel free to contact us and find out more about TRUST-FORUM+™