Webinars: How to engage your community during the COVID-19 pandemic


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change the way we organise and attend various events.
This has not stopped us from engaging with the communities of our projects and clients.

Our innate agile approach to our work helps us to overcome every challenge facing us by using our creativity and the tools that today's technology has to offer.

In a time when face-to-face events are not possible, webinars are becoming the go-to strategy to keep disseminating the impacts and benefits of our clients and projects.

Webinars are, as a matter of fact, a very handy tool when it comes to engaging your community:

  • The audience can ask questions in real time to the speakers;
  • Since webinars require registration to join, all the attendees with which you are engaging are people who are already interested in your company's or project's products or services;
  • You have the chance to invite various experts on the topic you are addressing, which also increases your authority in that field.

Webinars are a great tool that will help your company or project achieve tangible results, but they require a certain expertise to make sure the conversation is always informative and engaging.

If you prefer to concentrate on managing your company or project, rather than learning how to organise and host a webinar, you can always rely on an expert partner that will support you along the way and help you achieve the desired results.