A fast evolving and dynamic environment

We have instilled a strong “agile culture” which we apply to all of our activities.

Our approach

COMMpla is inherently embedded using Agile methodologies and Atlassian tools to plan and manage the entire workflow of tasks to carry out on behalf of the client. Our development teams have adopted Scrum as the framework with sprints coordinated by dedicated internal Scrum Masters. In this context, JIRA is used for planning sprints, managing all tasks proposed by the Project Managers to the development team.

Our continued and consolidated relationship with the European and international Research & Innovation landscape, as well as with key policy actors, has allowed us to establish ourselves as leaders of communication and dissemination activities in complex European R&I Projects, creating the right balance, drive and understanding, well in sync with the needs of scientific and industrial stakeholders.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team of skilled professionals performs design, development and maintenance of web-based solutions, utilising a wide range of technologies and with a technology-agnostic mindset.

COMMpla is controlled by and co-located with Trust-IT Srl, a communication and digital marketing organisation founded in 2002. COMMpla & Trust-IT share the same management and there is internal, mutual secondment agreement with Trust-IT which seamlessly allows them to collaborate with specialised personnel in projects. Both Trust-IT and COMMpla are equally committed to ensuring equal opportunities for women and men through a Gender Equality Plan (GEP), which outlines goals and measures progress in this respect.

Our three founders – Silvana Muscella, Paolo Lombardi & Michele Nannipieri – are actively involved in our everyday activities and help us in developing our digital solutions for all your unique needs .


Team members




Scrum Agile Teams


Managed websites, from 50+ Clients internationally

meets technology

Based in Pisa, Tuscany, home of the renowned University where many of our staff studied Computer Science, we closely collaborate with a number of other academic institutions and research centres, internationally.

We strive to combine the latest scientific and technological innovations with off-the-shelf solutions to ensure competitiveness of our collaborative initiatives as well as to serve commercial clients across industries, with an international breadth.

We pride ourselves on having a flexible, user-centric, and particularly human approach to tasks and projects: understanding what the user needs; being constantly updated within our ever-changing digital landscape; understanding policies & regulations we need to comply with and, whenever necessary, thinking more out of the box; always going the extra mile to find the best solution for the customer.