Life at COMMpla

A mosaic of digital services for Trust-IT & COMMpla

We have a passion for digital services and Information and Communication Technologies in general and we asked Ilenia Rosati if she could capture that for us, considering that we wanted to celebrate the inauguration of our new offices, in a new building downtown Pisa.

Our passion for art dates more than 10 years back, when we started to organise our “Open House” at our old location in Pisa, inviting local artists (Ilenia was indeed one of them!), just for the pleasure of adding the beauty of visual arts to our walls, otherwise witnessing only digital technologies from dawn till dusk (quite an arid practice, according to most! – not us, obviously). Then Covid-19 struck, cancelling, among many other things, the possibility of having such a nice practice. To somehow counterbalance that, we decided, after moving into our new premises, to look at what we could add in terms of some artwork that could at the same time give personality to our largest room and inspire the team frequenting the offices. It was Ilenia that came up with the idea of a mosaic. It was a real pleasure to somehow see materialising the concept of it from a few symbols linked to our daily challenges, like the “@” embedded in every single email address or the red tick mark of Trust-IT, not to mention the amazing-coloured squares of COMMpla’s logo that are our tribute to the genius of Piet Mondrian. We absolutely love the final product, where every little piece – mirror or coloured stone – is for us like every pixel of any digital image: essential to achieve beauty!

We are proud of our new offices, full of team energy and full of light: Now that we have this wonderful, unique mosaic we can truly claim that the walls say something about “us”! Thank you, Ilenia, you really captured the essence of what we do as both Trust-IT and COMMpla!

We captured the memory of Ilenia coming to our offices to install her mosaic with this 1-minute timelapse video. Check it out!

Role of COMMpla and Trust-IT

COMMpla, together with our parent company Trust-IT, is partnering with the artist Ilenia Rosati in its online marketing project. We have created and launched her e-commerce platform to reflect the brand identity and to show her production in constant evolution.

In Italian and English, the web platform includes sections with her paintings, merchandising and new artworks of the “Turn On” series – her unique and peculiar artistic lamps. We also implement a clever digital marketing strategy set between social media activity, “ad hoc” campaigns, videos and newsletters.

If you would like to implement integrated communication in your digital strategy, we would be happy to tell you more about the types of solutions we can offer for your organisation.

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