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Building Brands, Building Resilience: Our Collaboration with FUTURESILIENCE


In a world marked by constant change and unforeseen challenges, resilience is paramount. The ability to adapt, respond, and thrive in the face of crises has never been more critical.

That’s precisely what the European Commission-funded FUTURESILIENCE project aims to achieve.

At COMMpla, under the guiding umbrella of Trust-IT, we were honoured to play a pivotal role in this mission by crafting a visual identity that embodies the spirit of resilience and innovation.

A Vision of Resilience

The FUTURESILIENCE project was conceived with a clear purpose: to strengthen European economic and social resilience in the face of future crises.

The increasing frequency of crises, from pandemics to climate-related disasters, has underscored the importance of resilience.

It’s a concept that challenges stakeholders across sectors and at all institutional levels to prepare, adapt, and build back better.

The Essence of Branding

Building a robust brand identity goes beyond aesthetics; it involves a profound connection with the soul of the endeavour.

Our partnership with the FUTURESILIENCE project epitomised this approach.

We understood that a resilient brand isn’t just about creating a unique and original design; it hinges on tailored strategies forged through close collaboration with the client.

Crafting a Visual Identity for Resilience

To bring the vision of FUTURESILIENCE to life, we embarked on a creative journey that started with a clear client brief:

  • Creation of the visual identity: We set out to create a visual identity that would encapsulate the essence of resilience, crisis management, future thinking, systems, and interrelations.
  • Development & design of the logo: The logo needed to be a symbol of strength and adaptability, reflecting the project’s core objectives.
  • Development & design of the graphical charter: A comprehensive graphical charter was crafted to ensure consistency and coherence in all project communications.
  • Development of templates: We designed templates for Word, PowerPoint, and publications, aligning them with the new branding identity.


A Collaborative Design Journey

Our collaboration with the FUTURESILIENCE project team was marked by continuous exchange and iteration.

Different versions of the logo, colour palettes, and fonts were presented at each stage.
After each round of work, the client carefully selected one version and provided invaluable feedback.

This iterative process allowed us to refine the branding identity, ensuring it resonated with the project’s goals and objectives.

A Branding Identity for the Future

The result of this collaborative effort is a branding identity that reflects the essence of FUTURESILIENCE. It embodies resilience, crisis management, future thinking, and the interconnectedness of systems.

The logo stands as a symbol of strength and adaptability, just like the project it represents.


How We Can Assist You

As we unveil the FUTURESILIENCE branding identity, we invite you to explore this remarkable project and its commitment to enhancing European resilience.
The path to a more resilient future begins with a single step.

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