Software and Product Development

Building the 6G Ecosystem: The Vertical Engagement Tracker Fosters Collaboration Between Research and Industry

The Vertical Engagement Tracker is designed to methodically track and analyse the use cases developed by the R&I projects financed by the 6G Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) programme and their impact on specific industry sectors. It provides an organised overview of SNS JU project use cases and their industry connections, establishing a framework for targeted industry engagement. Additionally, the tool facilitates the identification of gaps between use cases and industry needs within the SNS JU community, aiding in clarifying requirements and guiding future policy decisions. Currently, it includes over 50 use cases from the initial phase of SNS JU projects and details on nine industry associations.

From Concept to Reality: Exploring the Practical Applications of 6G

The tool’s main asset is the Verticals Cartography, a tracking mechanism for the progress of SNS JU R&I use cases and their application across different market segments. It compiles various use cases ranging from conceptual proofs to full-scale trials, showcasing the practical integration of 6G technology in everyday life and business operations. As a result, the cartography systematically organises research and development activities at the forefront of 6G technology, detailing various trials, pilots, and use cases under the SNS JU initiative based on specific criteria such as industry sector, location, nature, and functionalities of the experiments. Users can navigate the use cases using filters or the search function for a more targeted search.

Fostering Innovation Through Industry Associations

The Tracker also includes data on industry associations, allowing use case enablers to match their project against the most appropriate associations, creating a first contact point between research and market output. These associations work closely with developers, policymakers, and researchers to ensure that 6G advancements are innovative, applicable to real-life scenarios, and beneficial to the economy and society. They focus on identifying industry-specific requirements, potential use cases, and strategies for deploying 6G technology, facilitating a user-centric digital ecosystem.

Shaping the Future of 6G

Overall, the Vertical Engagement Tracker encapsulates the research efforts of the SNS ICE project, which collaborates with stakeholders from various sectors, associations, and regulatory bodies to gauge technology trends and adoption. Through Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Intent, it fosters collaboration and organises joint activities and events. The platform’s mapping of industry sectors augments the SNS ICE consortium’s analysis of nine critical sectors, considering their development roadmaps and communication needs by 2030.