Brand design

COMMpla captures detailed components of KT4D methodology

As a partner in the KT4D consortium, COMMpla stepped in to implement features on the project website that give greater visibility to the work being done to advance civic participation and preserve democracy.

Storytelling through complementary designs & practical layouts

In the face of anti-democratic rhetoric, in an era of democratic decline, KT4D is working to understand the influence knowledge technologies, like AI and big data, have on democratic institutions. At the heart of its mission, KT4D has designed four culture-centric Use Case scenarios to explore the threat of emerging technologies on democracy.

Although the KT4D Use Cases are conceptually aligned, with overlapping frameworks and high-level methodologies, each Use Case incorporates different target audiences, local communities, and cultural components to facilitate civic participation. It is imperative that each of these unique interactions are given their own individual spotlight.

While KT4D had an already established presence and communication style, the core Use Cases needed to be better supported. KT4D leaned on the platform design expertise of COMMpla to capture the specific features of each Use Case on their own. The new grid view page demonstrates the inclusive nature of the project, proving how KT4D overall is a reflection of its individual parts.

Additionally, COMMpla transformed the image of the individual KT4D Use Case pages, implementing a comprehensive structural design, with a captivating graphical layout that introduces and connects the components of each Use Case, while highlighting the advantages of each distinct environment. The results of the four Use Cases collectively demonstrate the interconnection between AI, big data, and democracy, and therefore their design philosophy and structure need to be easily understood and disseminated.