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COMMpla launches the Z-ONA4LIFE bilingual website to redefine aluminium industry dynamics

COMMpla announces the launch of the official website of the Z-ONA4LIFE project in a bilingual version, available in both English and Spanish, positioning itself as a central nexus for communication and engagement within the circular economy and aluminium communities.


The concept of the circular economy, aimed at minimising waste, optimising resources, and fostering continuous reuse and recycling, has taken centre stage in today’s global sustainability efforts. In line with this vision, the EU-funded project Z-ONA4LIFE is set to embark on a groundbreaking journey from 1 September 1 2023 31 August 31 2027, ushering in a new era of circularity in the aluminium industry.

Z-ONA4LIFE focuses on efficiently managing and repurposing aluminium salt slag, embracing a holistic approach to environmental recovery. The project operates across four critical stages:

  • Waste Selection: Addressing hazardous aluminium salt slag and Si-rich waste and exploring recovery options;
  • Products, Process, and Scaling-up: Producing Z-ONA zeolite from aluminium slag, scaling up to a pilot plant level, and recovering valuable by-products;
  • Circularity and Near Zero Waste: Utilising Z-ONA zeolite in various applications, enhancing composting with spent zeolite, and harnessing gases for commercial use;
  • Sustainability and Results Exploitation: demonstrating scalable Z-ONA zeolite manufacturing on a pilot scale, ensuring wide project replication, and promoting sustainability.

Z-ONA4LIFE aims for a broad impact by fostering knowledge sharing and raising awareness about sustainable resource recovery. It enhances waste management, promotes resource reduction, reduces emissions, and safeguards soil quality.

Key Features of the Z-ONA4LIFE Website

As the initial market focus for the commercialisation of the Z-ONA zeolite is Spain, COMMpla has built a bilingual website (in English and Spanish versions) that caters to a diverse audience. It seamlessly delivers essential content and messages, offering updates on project developments, disseminating noteworthy results, and introducing revolutionary technical products and services reshaping the aluminium industry landscape.

The website offers the following characteristics:

  • Systematic Organisation: the website presents the project results and information within a thematic structure.
  • Evolutionary Design: Launched strategically in alignment with the 48-month communication strategy outlined in WP6, the website has evolved from a landing page in September 2023 to a fully operational site in November 2023. Continuous evolution is planned throughout the project implementation.
  • Built on Drupal 9.5: Leveraging the stability and flexibility of Drupal 9.5, a professional open-source content management software, the website ensures a robust and user-friendly experience.
  • Multilingual Capability: Offering versions in both English and Spanish to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX): Ongoing expansions focus on enhancing the visual appeal, professionalism, usability, and overall brand value, ensuring a positive and enjoyable user experience.
  • Streamlined Navigation: Carefully designed sections and tailored icons streamline navigation, providing users with a clear and engaging journey through the content.

The Z-ONA4LIFE website represents a significant milestone in the project’s commitment to transparent communication, engaging its audience, and sharing groundbreaking advancements in the aluminium industry.

Visit the website and explore the future of aluminium innovation!