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Digital marketing: 5 reasons to use Google analytics to boost your digital strategy

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyse your website traffic. By measuring the traffic that you get on your website you are able to have a holistic view of the effectiveness of all the campaigns you are running to promote your product or services online. Looking at this data you can make better decisions on how to improve and boost your digital content and website UX strategy by capitalising on what is already working and addressing potential shortcomings in your digital strategy.

Below, we are sharing with you five good reasons why you should use Google analytics when planning your digital marketing strategy.

It is a free tool

Google Analytics provides you with useful information and it is completely free, so you can easily improve your digital marketing and website UX strategy without having to worry about your project’s budget.

Automatically collects data

Once you set it up on your website, Google Analytics automatically collects data and put it into documents and spreadsheets.

Customisable report

You can choose from many default report templates or you can build your own customised reports to better showcase the data that matter the most for your digital strategy.

Discover what works best

By looking at the data collected by Google Analytics you can see how your content is performing and even learn which kind of content drives the results in your strategy. This is extremely useful since it allows you to focus more on what works and avoid wasting your time and budget on what is not converting.

Measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Google Analytics is a great way to check whether you are achieving your digital marketing strategy’s goals or not. By combining data from the various reports, you can get a clear understanding of the quality of your current strategy and make adjustments if needed.

The execution of a winning digital marketing campaign requires an in-depth knowledge of various tools and techniques. Tracking your digital marketing campaigns means more effective marketing campaigns overall. Knowing precisely what is generating traffic informs you where you should focus your creativity and budget to boost your marketing campaigns.

If you would prefer to focus on managing your business, you can delegate the set-up and management of Google Analytics for your digital marketing campaigns to an experienced technical partner.

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