HSBooster.eu Webinar: Advancing AI Regulation through Standardisation

On 19 December at 14:30 CET, HSBooster.eu is organising its next webinar looking at “Advancing AI Regulation through Standardisation”.

This Webinar will host major experts in the field and it will provide an exhaustive overview of the current agenda of the European Commission on the AI field and different standpoints on the role of AI in Standardisation with correlated needs, gaps, and challenges (from SDOs, SMEs and Research & Innovation projects’ representatives).

The European approach to artificial intelligence (AI) is solidly based on excellence and trust, with the primary goal to support research and industrial capacity while ensuring safety and fundamental rights at the same time. AI is not just a critical asset to simplify our daily lives, it can also be an instrumental asset to solve some of today’s biggest challenges: from treating chronic diseases or reducing fatality rates in traffic accidents to slowing down (or stopping) climate change or preventing security threats.

Among the measures that can help improve data quality in AI, standards play a major role. Standards and codes of conduct can help AI systems operate safely and reliably thus preventing any unintended adverse impact.
This webinar is open to standardisation experts with experience in AI, EC-funded H2020 and Horizon Europe projects with an interest in standardisation, policymakers and decision-makers, and representatives from ESOs, NSBs and SDOs.

Visit the official webinar page to learn more and register for this event.