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Informatics Europe and COMMpla’s Dynamic Partnership

Serving experts in the field of Informatics is both a challenge and a privilege, and at COMMpla, we’re thrilled to embrace this endeavor alongside Informatics Europe. Our partnership is a celebration of shared values and a commitment to elevate the standards of outreach and communication in the world of Informatics.

Informatics Europe serves as the collective voice for the academic and research community in Informatics across Europe and neighbouring areas. Our primary mission is to collaboratively address key issues in Education, Research, and the Social Impact of informatics. We strive for unity among our diverse member institutions and promote pan-European collaboration.

Our goals include fostering joint initiatives and knowledge exchange between academia, industry, and society; advocating for Informatics in European policy; upholding quality standards in research and education; encouraging ethical Informatics practices; and nurturing diverse, talented leaders in the field.

From EuroTICS to Informatics Europe: A Journey of Evolution and Innovation

Informatics Europe originated from the first European Computer Science Summit at ETH Zurich in 2005. This event, a collaboration between the Computer Science departments of EPFL and ETHZ, highlighted the need for a European organisation akin to the CRA in the US but with a broader focus on education and research. Initially named “EuroTICS”, the organisation evolved into Informatics Europe. Officially established in 2006, it operated under ETH Zurich’s management until becoming independent in 2011.

Since November 2023, Informatics Europe has embarked on a collaborative venture with COMMpla to bolster its online presence and communication strategies significantly. This partnership primarily focuses on refining the organisation’s outreach and engagement with its diverse audience.

Digital Transformation Unleashed: Informatics Europe’s Strategic Partnership with COMMpla

One key element of this collaboration is initiating targeted social media campaigns. These are designed to resonate with specific segments of their audience, aiming to increase engagement and awareness about Informatics Europe’s initiatives and achievements. Moreover, the effort to produce SEO-oriented content stands as a strategic move to enhance online visibility. By aligning content with search engine optimisation practices, Informatics Europe ensures that its research, events, and educational resources become more accessible to a broader audience, expanding its impact in the digital landscape.

Complementing these digital efforts, the partnership also optimises Informatics Europe’s website’s user experience and interface (UX/UI). This enhancement is crucial in providing a more intuitive and user-friendly platform, encouraging deeper engagement and longer user visit duration. The improved UX/UI aims to facilitate easier access to information, making it straightforward for visitors to find relevant resources and events. Additionally, the organisation of targeted outreach events underpins this collaborative effort. These events are tailored to foster meaningful connections and dialogues among stakeholders, ranging from academic professionals to industry leaders. These interactions are vital for gauging the needs and interests of the Informatics community and shaping future strategies and initiatives.

In addition to its digital strategy enhancements, COMMpla is also assisting Informatics Europe in upgrading its CV Repository. This platform aims to help informatics students, recent graduates, and recruiters connect, offering a unique space for showcasing talents and discovering opportunities across Europe. Tailored to early career professionals in informatics, it provides a user-friendly interface for managing profiles, setting preferences, and uploading CVs, thereby fostering a robust link between emerging talent and industry leaders.