Join the HSbooster.eu Training Academy Training Session 5: Delving into Standardisation Practices, Roles of NSBs, and Identifying Key Trends

Are you ready to enhance your knowledge and expertise in standardisation practices? Join us at the HSBooster.eu Training Academy Session 5 “Standardisation in Practice: Roles of NSBs and Identifying Gaps in the Current Standards”, where standardisation expert Barry Cox from the National Standards Authority (NSAI) will explore the roles of National Standards Bodies (NSBs), and identify key trends shaping the landscape.

Furthermore, the winner of the prestigious Young Researcher Award by CEN and CENELEC, Dr Sweta Malik, will train us on how to identify gaps in the current standards.

Mark your calendar on 21 December 2023 between 10:00-11:30 CET. Register now!

The training session is intended for researchers who participate in EU-funded R&I projects and anyone interested in the basics of standardisation.

What’s in it for you?

  • In-depth exploration of standardisation practices
  • Understanding the vital roles of NSBs
  • Identifying key trends in the industry
  • Engaging sessions and interactive discussions
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts

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Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in your field! Secure your spot now by registering here. Let’s boost your knowledge and skills together at the HSbooster.eu Training Academy Session 5!