Life at COMMpla

Season’s Greetings 2023: A Festive Holiday to All

We at Trust-IT Services & COMMpla srl love to surround ourselves with hardworking and passionate people, who day after day gather together, to support and look out for each other in our developments and achievements in a global setting. We strive to make our workplace and our relationships with partners and clients a stimulating, fair, and pleasant environment.

2023 saw our efforts focus in strategic domains, such as Destination Earth, MissionSoil, standardisation, engagement of the European cybersecurity community, marine research, FAIR- & EOSC-related initiatives, vertical engagement and gap analyses in emerging 5G-6G technologies and in the EU positioning within the global semiconductors scenario.

We look forward to enjoying 2024 with some exciting projects with the EOSC Science Clusters, supporting ECMWF, and working closely with the US and Canada in NGI.

As our digital worlds and fast-paced innovations around the globe took on an even more rapid acceleration in 2023, Trust-IT Services & COMMpla srl like to keep some traditions very much alive such as our art displays, our cookies and cakes “on tap” and a permanent wish for empathy. Lending an ear and always giving friendly advice or guidance helps us to work collaboratively and effectively as a team.

Above all, we’d like to take this time of year to thank all our partners and clients we work with and with whom we make some amazing stories and innovative creations together. We cannot wait to continue this in 2024 with you!

Here is a toast to you and your families wishing you all a relaxing few days and a prosperous New Year from all of us here.

Enjoy our end-of-year video courtesy of Matteo Zoppi.