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Why choose us for your Agile project: Transparency & collaboration

With the challenging economic conditions experienced by companies today, there’s a need for fast and constant adaptation to change. Having a growth mindset sees limitless opportunities ahead. This is why today, we believe a growth mindset, rather than a static one is needed.

An organisation must not only think about its vision. It should also reinvent itself by adapting to today’s needs. At the same time, organisations should put the customer at the centre of their business processes.

From the traditional waterfall model to the Agile development methodology, companies have upgraded their software development practices to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of the clients and includes the best-in-class features.

Organisations are reaping the benefits by adopting Agile as the methodology for software development. Different types of Agile methodologies like Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Feature Driven Development, etc., are being favoured by companies across the world to deliver better and more efficient services.

Agile towards transparency & collaboration

Agile is not a process, it is a mindset.

It is a mindset that requires small iterations that involves understanding, collaborating, learning and staying flexible, to avoid delivering the final output at the end without the client’s validation.

When you adopt the Agile mindset, you work in small increments, passing through regular and multiple feedback cycles with the client and other key stakeholders involved. This mindset was born out of software development, but it actually fits with all the processes in an organisation.

A customer who is content with a company’s products or solutions is unlikely to change. On the contrary, they may become brand ambassadors and pass on their experience to other potential customers.

Effective collaboration with the customer, where communication is sincere and direct, results in a relationship of mutual trust. The goal of both customer and supplier is to avoid wasting time and resources. Having this close collaboration allows providers to have direct access to the user’s needs, all the while managing risks and changes in the project well in advance.

A number of obstacles can come up during the course of a project, and many of these cannot be overcome without the help of the customer. A change in how ICT providers view their role is needed. At Trust-IT and COMMpla, we see ourselves as a technology partner and not just a supplier. Together with the customer, we see ourselves as two parts forming a whole.

Transparency is one of the pillars of the Agile mindset as it acts as a fundamental structure for a successful partner relationship. By enabling short cycle feedback, we remain transparent to the customer, analyse successes and failures and together, outline a strategy to circumvent the obstacles that have arisen.

At the start of a project, it may seem pointless to keep in touch with the customer to keep up to date with the few or no features developed, but it is precisely in such activities that trust begins to develop. Being transparent with the customer, even telling them that we have encountered problems, communicates mastery of the project and confidence in our own means.

With the Agile mindset, organisations can adapt to face all challenges, from shifting market needs to a complete transformation of the business world. By adhering to a positive attitude towards changing perspectives, companies can remodel their culture to encourage collaboration and innovation without fear of failure.

Are you looking for an IT partner who can satisfy your needs for an Agile project?

Trust-IT and COMMpla have an Agile team that will help you embrace change. We combine solid experience with fresh ideas, and always offer you up-to-date know-how. Knowledge workers in teams can achieve common goals in complex contexts. Scrum provides us with the tools to face daily challenges, the Agile Manifesto principles give us the right mindset to build the future.

We are not a simple software house: we are your digital consultants who create quality digital products and tools to help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to start an Agile project, we’d be happy to tell you more about the types of solutions we can offer your organisation.