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Why You Should Include Webinars in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In our professional daily life, we are invited to participate in numerous webinars. Indeed, webinars are a very powerful tool for B2B companies. They allow you to start a conversation with your target audience. You can also discuss complex topics and if you correctly structure the webinar, you can exploit this tool to transmit difficult concepts to your target audience. Despite the multitude of benefits, we also have to consider some drawbacks. Sign-ups rates can be low and/or people can leave the webinar before it is over. With these in mind, let’s see why you should consider organising an exciting series of webinars.

Create Interaction

What you should not do is plan a webinar where you are the only one who speaks. You should structure your webinar in the opposite way. This means creating many interaction points with your audience, encouraging them to share their opinions, pain points, how they feel about your product/service and their future intentions. Some ways to do that are polls, Q&A sessions and asking open questions to your audience; these are all good ways to start a profitable discussion.

Lead Generation

Webinars can be a very effective lead generator. In them, you can gather tons of new leads and also some qualified leads. Indeed you should ask everyone who registers for the webinar for at least their name, email and organisation. So in the best case scenario, some of these people will gain value out of the webinar’s content and will become qualified leads. In the worst case scenario, they don’t participate in the webinar but you can still send them a newsletter and invite them to future webinars. You win in both cases.

Low Cost

The only real cost when you organise a webinar is the time of the people that you involve as speakers or moderators, which is still a cost, but compared to participating in an event in person, it’s a much cheaper tool. In this pandemic period we found out that many meetings that before we used to do physically can be done virtually, while reaching the same goal. A well organised webinar can reach many of the same goals of physically attended events.

Reusable Material

The material and PPT that you produce for the webinar can fuel your social media channels for months and can also be a good source for producing news and press releases. You can also make the webinar recording available on your website through the submission of a webform, so you can gather some more leads.

In Conclusion

As you can see, if done in the right way webinars are a very effective tool to use – especially in B2B marketing strategies. The real difference is in the webinar’s quality. You should invite great speakers that deliver great messages and share great content. This makes the difference and encourages people to participate and interact spontaneously.

Let’s organise successful webinars together!